URESERV is an easy to use online service for managing reservations, table inventory, and guest contact information from any web-enabled device.

Vendor: Ureserv.com

Industry: Restaurant;

Business Need: Business Management Apps;

URESERV is a simple plug-in to your website or Facebook page to take real-time reservations.

URESERV offers fully-functional reservation software that works seamlessly from mobile devices. Its user-friendly format makes it effortless to enter, customize, and present your establishments information. Easy-to-use scheduler helps you to define table inventory in time slots, add and block slots, and create special holiday schedules.

Additionally, URESERV enables users to create a waitlist system without the need for buzzers. Quote a reservation time then send guests and email or text letting them know their table is ready. Customers can respond by returning to the restaurant, bumping up their reservation time, or canceling their reservation - all conveniently from their phone.

URESERV seamlessly integrates with Constant Contact. You can create, edit, and segment email lists and send those lists over to Constant Contact. Two way contact sync ensures all of your lists stay up to date.

Overall Benefits

  • Cloud-based reservations to make process cost effective, effortless, and have more mobility
  • Review reservation lists, access reservation reports, manage overflow bookings and more - all from a mobile device
  • Run reservation reports, build customer lists, and export email addresses
  • Capture customer information for future communication
  • Flat price of $60 a month with no hidden fees


$60 per month

Company Information

464 Common St
Belmont, MA 02478
(617) 932-9514

Courtesy of : http://marketplace.constantcontact.com

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